C.E. Pattberg

Präsent made by C.E. Pattberg. Let us take you to the world of ribbons and bows for every occasion. Discover new trends and the latest product designs. The brand creates and implements package solutions for all industries. These are the strongest points of the German ribbon company.

Ribbons and bows

The success story of the family business started early: in 1893 it was founded as a raffia ribbon factory. Soon came the international breakthrough with decorative ribbons. Nowadays, export accounts for 30% of the annual sales volume.

Pattberg’s know-how makes them one of the most diverse manufacturers, whose PRÄSENT brand gained worldwide fame with decorative ribbons of the highest quality. PRÄSENT ribbons add that special something to everyday life and give each occasion its own unique touch. Whether it’s gifts, crafts or decoration. All their products are made in Germany – something that is close to their heart.

Environmentally aware

The corporate culture is determined by caution, sustainability and attention to people and the environment. The preservation of resources and the optimization of business processes has always been important for CE Pattberg. They are careful with the use of energy sources and raw materials and attach great importance to the prevention and environmentally friendly disposal of waste.

Plastic rolls made from recycled material, biodegradable tapes and raw materials with Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certification are just a few examples of the important aspects of the production process.

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