Pots, drinking glasses and vases!

At the B2B purchasing center Van Remoortel dozens of suppliers and wholesalers present their collections in their own stand. In the cash & carry of 10,000 m² you will find different suppliers who specialize in glassware.

Vases and pots of glass

Various suppliers and wholesalers have an offer that is indispensable for, for example, floriculture. These exhibitors offer pots and vases in many shapes, colors and sizes of glass. In addition to sleek and modern glassware, you will find mouth-blown vases and pots (and of course Christmas balls in the right season). The trendy hanging vases are also available in many stands, including glass, in many stands. In addition, many exhibitors offer bowls, tubes and other ideal surfaces for flower arrangements.

Drinking glasses, drink dispensers and more

In the case of glass products, also think of catering accessories such as drinking glasses, jars and dispensers. Candy jars, bowls, plates, jars and other presentation options are available in multiples in glass version from Van Remoortel. Visit our cash & carry and discover the numerous possibilities and solutions in glass at different suppliers.