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Van Remoortel powered by Trends & Trade aims to develop an open and long-lasting business-to-business relationship with its professional customers. Upon presentation of your identity card, a valid VAT number and official proof of appropriate business activity (Crossroads Bank, Trade Register, K-bis). You will receive a customer card when visiting our centre. Become a customer now by completing the form below:

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Terms and conditions

  • Upon receipt, we will check your details and send you our confirmation by mail. You will receive your customer card after your first purchase at our centre.

  • This customer card is strictly personal. It will be scanned each time you visit in person and cannot be transferred to third parties. You may be accompanied by no more than 2 people when you visit our company.

  • You can pay in cash, with a bank card or credit card. We cannot accept cheques. Invoiced goods can neither be exchanged nor returned. Your purchase must be worth a minimum of 125 EURO.

  • Should you wish to visit on the same day, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We appreciate your request and look forward to working with you.

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