Pots, vases, staples, plugs .. everything for floristry!

For many fresh flower accessories, Van Remortel is the right place for you. Dozens of suppliers and wholesalers have a large assortment of pots, both indoors and outdoors. Vases, bowls and wreaths in all shapes and colors are also represented everywhere in the cash & carry..

Natural decorative materials and robust surfaces

For example, visit the wholesalers in our cash & carry: Tjeerd van de Velde or Corios for natural decorative materials such as wreaths, branches, large and small leaves, quail eggs and more. With these suppliers you will find a nice combination of fine decoration and robust materials. Perfect as a substrate for flower arrangements and addition to your assortment! In addition to these two suppliers you will find plenty of floristry supplies for dozens of others.

Packaging materials, cards and labels

Of course, the right ticket can not be missed with a bunch of flowers or flower arrangement. Here too, the selection at various exhibitors at Van Remoortel is indispensable. For example, visit Mini Art Products for stickers and tickets or visit Dux Packaging for bows and wrapping paper. This is just a small selection from the group of suppliers where you can go for packaging materials and tickets!