Care products and home fragrances: everything around bath & fragrance.

Scented candles, bath towels, home fragrances, body lotions and more can be found at dozens of suppliers and wholesalers in Van Remoortel’s cash & carry. Treat your customers with a delicious assortment in the bath & fragrance category.

Smell influences buying behavior

Have you ever considered the influence of smell on buying behavior? Smell affects the unconscious brain. With a nice smell in your store you can effectively manage to increase your sales. For example, wholesalers such as La Tulipe Jaune, Walra, Royal Orient Cosmetic and many more you will find candles and sticks that provide an irresistible fragrance in your store or at home customers.

Treat your customers

Scented candles, home perfumes and care products are a perfect addition to an assortment of gifts. But also in a collection of home decoration a scented candle can not be missed nowadays. Create yourself the most original gift packages with bath and fragrance products from dozens of suppliers and wholesalers!

exhibitors selling bath & fragrance items