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Improve your turnover with these ten golden tips!


Every shop owner is always aiming for more and better. At Van Remoortel, we’re also always on the lookout for improvements that we could make, and we often take a moment to think about how we can improve and maintain customer satisfaction and boost our turnover.

We’ve come up with a few essential tips to give your turnover boost – you won’t want to miss them!


Attention please: here come a few essential tips!


  1. Let’s start straight away with our top tip: maximize the average sales amount! Work out what it would mean for you if every customer spent two euros more. That’s a big chunk of extra turnover over the course of a year! How can you do it? By encouraging impulse buying, for example. This can easily be done by placing a rack close to the till containing attractive jewellery or other accessories, for example. You don’t have to go searching for another wholesaler for this; you can simply buy jewellery from our Fashion department @ Van Remoortel
  2. Make your shop irresistible for a specific target group. Do this by targeting a specific target group, for instance ‘young thirty-plussers’ such as mothers of children at primary school. Find out where they spend their time and target that location! A good time and place to hand out flyers could be Monday lunchtimes outside the school playground. Link an attractive promotion to the flyer and draw attention to your shop!
  3. Employ a ‘runner’ at specific times. This is someone who is only job is topping up the product supply – empty shelves when your shop is full of customers will cripple your turnover. At appropriate times, you can invest in someone who refills the empty shelves as fast as the products disappear.
  4. An opportunity they won’t want to miss: the ‘last chance’ rack! When a customer realizes that an item is almost sold out, there is an extra stimulus to buy one. Women in particular are susceptible to this kind of encouragement and will want to have an item if it is selling well. For women like us, that’s the proof that an item is indispensable!
  5. Improve your shop’s brand familiarity. More customers means more turnover, of course. Utilize a range of social media channels and use hashtags with words that are related to the products you sell or to the target group you want to address. Spread the word to get your name known – in other words, to get more turnover!
  6. Working on the loyalty of existing customers is also very important, as well as acquiring new ones. A successful tip for this is using personal messages! An attractive way of doing it is to hang labels on the products giving a personal message from the shop owner. Create a card with your company name and a personal message and attach it to every item (or every item sold). This tag will create more empathy with your company and will make people feel good!
  7. Organize a pop-up sale. If you want to tempt your customers with discounts and draw in more people in a specific week – a quiet period, for instance – then a pop-up sale is a good idea: a sale that lasts no more than a day and draws attention to specific items (or to your entire range).
  8. Check your point-of-sale materials again. Do they project the right image? Are they focusing on the right target group? Is there a clear ‘call to action’? The right communication materials generate higher turnover.
  9. As well as encouraging turnover, your communication materials present an image of how friendly your shop is. Make sure the communication materials are friendly and interesting and generate enthusiasm in order to give your customers the desired feeling and make sure that they come back again!
  10. Let your customers touch the products. When a customer comes to a physical shop, it means that they want to see and feel the products. Otherwise they could simply make their purchases online. Make sure that the products are easy to get at and get rid of those ‘please do not touch’ signs immediately!
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Staat u wel eens stil bij de vraag hoe u uw klanten kunt blijven verassen en prikkelen? Vraagt u zich dan ook af waar te beginnen of heeft weinig ruimte voor nieuwe of extra producten?

Wij hebben dé tip om uw omzet een boost te geven en uw klanten te inspireren!

Benieuwd naar ons fashion aanbod? >>bekijk onze fashion leveranciers<<

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winning match
Lifestyle & fashion zijn twee branches de afgelopen jaren zijn samengesmolten. Talloze mode & lifestylewinkels hebben de deuren geopend en zijn anno 2019 niet meer weg te denken uit ons straatbeeld. Deze winning match is zo succesvol omdat het naadloos op elkaar aansluit. Wij drukken ons uit met mode, maar ook de inrichting van je huis zegt veel over wie je bent en welke boodschap je naar buiten uitdraagt.schoenen, doucheproducten en portemonnee in rek

no extra space needed

Mode gaat prachtig samen met lifestyle en hoeft geen vierkante meter extra ruimte te kosten. Kleed de woonaccessoires in uw winkel leuk aan met modeaccessoires en zorg ervoor dat uw klant dubbel geprikkeld & dus dubbel koopt. Door bestaande items in uw onderneming aan te kleden met fashion, heeft u geen extra ruimte nodig! Yeah!

Get it @Van Remoortel!

Bij van Remoortel vindt u naast het uitgebreide assortiment aan lifestyle artikelen de leukste mode musthaves die gemakkelijk te combineren zijn met uw aanbod aan woonaccessoires. Kom langs, laat u inspireren door de talloze fashion musthaves, maak mooie presentaties en geef uw omzet een boost!

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