Pots and vases from dozens of suppliers

At the B2B reprocessing center Van Remoortel you will find pots and vases from dozens of exhibitors under one roof. Pots of ceramics, pottery, glass, cane, rattan, wood and more. In all imaginable styles, colors, shapes and sizes! Dozens of exhibitors each present their offer in their own stand. During a purchase visit you buy each and you pay at the central checkout.

For indoor and outdoor

In addition to the numerous pots for indoor use, several suppliers have pots that are suitable for outdoor use.

Flower pots, piggy banks and candy jars

In pottery we immediately think of flowerpots and vases for indoor and outdoor, these are widely represented at Van Remoortel. In addition, you will find in our cash & carry a large selection of money boxes in many forms and also candy jars!