Complete your collection with furniture from dozens of suppliers

More than 100 suppliers present their assortment in the home, gift and garden industry at Van Remoortel. In our cash & carry of 10.000m² you will find plenty of home decoration, gift items, crockery and cooking accessories, lighting, pottery and more! Furniture is also widely represented in the wide range at Van Remoortel.

For each collection an appropriate style

Suppliers present their collections in their own stand. A suitable supplier can be found for each style of living. Are you looking for chairs or tables with a Scandinavian look or is a country style indispensable in your collection? Mix and match: put together your ideal collection with the small furniture of different exhibitors.

Chairs, cabinets, side tables and matching accessories

In addition to small furniture such as hip chairs, nice side tables and trendy cabinets you will find plenty of essential accessories such as pillows and plaids in our cash & carry. Candles, wind lights and vases are also available from dozens of suppliers.