From crockery to delicacies

In the cash & carry of 10,000 m² you will find dozens of suppliers with an offer that fits the category cooking & dining. Exhibitors with an assortment of pots and pans, cooking aprons and other cooking accessories are widely represented. You will also find the food corner at Van Remoortel where suppliers offer delicious delicacies.

Food corner full of delicacies

You can find the food corner at the cash registers of the wholesaler. Here a number of exhibitors present indispensable delicacies for gift collections or cookery shops. Exhibitor La Tulip Jaune presents the most tasteful products from the French Provence. Besides La Tulip Jaune you will find Digusti, where Italy forms the main theme and origin of all tasty products. Other suppliers include Il Limone and Linden Food, who present tasty delicacies in their own way.

Everything for a complete range of cooking & dining

Besides the tasteful products in the food corner you will find dozens of suppliers in the cash & carry where you will find crockery, pans, ladles, tablecloths, coasters, cutlery and more. Do you want to supplement your collection or complete your company presentation with products from this range? At Van Remoortel you can buy one at a time and deduct from the central cash register. You are flexible and choose products from dozens of suppliers under one roof.