Reeds, rattan and more, many types for sale under one roof!

For the purchase of home accessories and home decoration, you are the right address at purchase center Van Remoortel. Here you will find home decoration, gift items, furniture and more. Also for products of cane and rattan and basketwork you are at the right place with our cash & carry.

Natural materials are trendy

Reeds and rattan are trendier than ever. In line with the trend in which more and more natural products are used, reed is also a popular material. Reed combines perfectly with materials such as cork, leather and metal. From small hanging baskets and baskets for decoration to atmospheric lanterns and (garden) chairs.

Baskets, furniture and more

At exhibitor Lauco you will find plenty of braided products. Not only baskets are woven, pots, small furniture and wind lights are also made in this traditional way!