Tiseco was founded in 1946 by the Degroote family. It grew up from a small company in its own country in West Flanders, Belgium, which was famous for its industrial textile craftsmanship across the entire European continent.

It only produced handkerchiefs and tea towels until one of the grandsons, Philippe Degroote, saw in 1995 a market for household textiles that fitted into a growing modern European lifestyle and decided to start its international expansion.

Product Range

Tiseco has developed its passion for weaving and expanded its range into thousands of other home decor products, from handkerchiefs to pillows and kitchen towels.

This growth has made it necessary to create the main brands of the company, such as Tiseco Home Studio®, ZICZAC® and B-Bob®. These brands are now also on the international markets, including the whole of North America and Japan. The focus of the company is on household textiles so far.

By modernizing designs, exploring new materials and weaving techniques, while maintaining the core of knowledge about textile quality, the brand has been successful in maintaining the strong sense of identity and tradition.


Spreading roots throughout the world by contributing its quality, craftsmanship and innovative ambitions. Millions of houses provide the best quality and business obligations.

Website: https://www.tiseco.be

Tiseco - Van Remoortel
Tiseco - Van Remoortel