LindenFood originated from love and passion for food. They prepare their products with care for what people can digest and consume. They are against the production processes of large companies.

“Nutrition must simply be fed again” that’s how it sounds! It is their mission to make good and honest food available to everyone. Because life is to be enjoyed, they add an extensive range of delicacies to their range.

Worldly food

The wholesaler gets the best food from all corners of the world. And they make it available to you. Because the company imports everything itself, it can offer you the right prices, margins and quality.

Product Range

An important part of the LindenFood range is coffee. Mokaflor is a family burner row in Florance, Italy. A distillery where everything happens manually and they import the beans themselves. The roasting industry fully controls the process and tastes and controls everything. That possession of coffee can be tasted with every bag. The most unique coffees to the most special blends, they have everything. This coffee makes every bag of coffee a true taste sensation.

In addition to coffee, the brand also offers other delicious products. Wines, champagne, prosecco and chocolate belongs to their assortment but can not be found at Van Remoortel. On the other hand, there is a wide range of herbs, which is also an important product of the brand.

Herbs are the basis of every dish, a good herbal mix or a range of spices are not lacking in any kitchen, amateur or professional. That is why LindenFood sells the herbs of Regional. A special company that makes the tastiest mixes of fresh herbs. They select the herbs themselves that they have available with much love and passion to the company and therefore also to you.

In addition to the delicious herbs, they also have complete sets and beautiful gift packaging. There is something for everyone! The quality, the love, the passion and the unparalleled taste sensations can be found in every jar.


Linden Food - Van Remoortel
Linden Food - Van Remoortel