Lighting according to the latest trends

Van Remoortel is on top of the latest trends and inspires you through many presentations and those of dozens of suppliers. For lamps in all shapes and sizes, including lamp shades, hanging lamps and more, you are in the right place here. The cash & carry of 10.000m² contains dozens of suppliers where you can buy lamps and accessories to your heart’s content.

Exhibitors with a trendy assortment

Looking for lamps to complete your assortment? Then you can not skip the Light & Living stand. Light & Living is the ultimate exhibitor when it comes to lamps, lamp shades and accessories. In addition, Light & Living presents the products in an inspiring way. The enormous stand consists of different style rooms with the most beautiful presentations. In addition to Light & Living, there are exhibitors such as Present Time, The Goround, Elzet and many more with a hip range of lamps.

Create the right atmosphere

Nothing affects atmosphere more than lighting. Fashionable lamps and accessories in your collection are of course indispensable, but the right light in your store also makes you sell well. Make sure that your shop window and store presentations are well-lit.