For more than 30 years, Intercosmo has been supplying high-quality European hairdressing products to barber shops. Thanks to years of experience and our impeccable reputation, you should not doubt that you have arrived at a reliable supplier.

The brand not only supplies high-quality products for hair care, but also materials for the design of your hair salon. In addition, it also offers small hairdressing equipment such as hairdryers, hairbrushes and so on. So there is only one address for everything you need!

Nashi hair products

The exclusive NASHI hair care line is made on the basis of argan oil. It combines countless practical benefits that are beneficial to you and your customer! They will pleasantly surprise you. In addition to an ultimate shine and optimal hair care, the compact line is also a real asset. You only need 5 Nashi Argan products to ensure triple shine and a satisfactory hair care.

The Nashi hair products therefore guarantee beautiful and healthy hair. That the Nashi products will deliver on that promise will be determined by you during the treatment. You will see up to 3 times a clear cosmetic effect and a striking shine: during the care, during the disentanglement and during the brushing.


In addition, the line is ecologically top-notch. The bottle is made of 100% recycled material. The box, displays, brochures and other components (where possible) are made from recycled material. The raw materials are a selection of biodegradable products and are not petroleum-based. Moreover, the products are made from 100% energy from natural sources such as wind, sun and water.


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