Il Limone

Benvenuti a il Limone!

Importer and wholesaler of a wide range of Italian premium brands, products and articles. They have a fresh view on business and a nose for innovation! On their trips abroad, they visit local and (inter) national exhibitions, looking for trends, original products and reliable suppliers.

The brand introduces you to a variety of innovative and high-quality products. Not only for the entire coffee concept from A to Z they can unburden you. They also offer tea, wines and goodies for coffee.

Fresh coffee

Ground coffee of fresh beans, a tasty coffee, at any time of the day, cup for cup freshly brewed. Quickly a cup of fresh, fragrant coffee at any time of the day? Which can!

Due to the special composition of the blend and the fast setting method, each cup of filter coffee is intense and tasteful. One of their specialties: Caffè Agust. An honest Italian premium coffee for catering, office and home use!

TeaBrothers thé

La variété et les riches saveurs de l’assortment TeaBrothers proviennent du riche passé d’une famille de théiers anglais qui est partie à Ceylan and 1814 (aujourd’hui le Sri Lanka) pour y développer une plantation de thé.

Maintenant, TeaBrothers a acquis une compréhension and matière de qualité et d’innovation. Le thé est toujours immensément popular parmi les jeunes et les moins jeunes grâce à ses caractéristiques rafraîchissantes et désaltérantes. Le thé est un moment the repos et de contemplation.

La marque croit and a certain nombre de piliers importants, notamment le commerce biologique et le commerce équitable. Souci du détail, the tradition and the passion. Top qualité, sans compromise. Visitez leur stand pour être fasciné par ce grossiste italien.


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