Gifts for Home & Garden branch professionals

Dozens of suppliers present gift items in Van Remoortel’s cash & carry. Van Remoortel is the lifestyle shopping center for home, gift and garden professionals. In the 10.000m² cash & carry, each supplier has its own stand, where the products are presented. Besides more than 60,000 decorative items, catering products and garden accessories, you will find many gifts.

Gift items for young and old

At Van Remoortel you will find many gift items. Think, for example, nice gift wrappers of items on the place of food. Delicious French or Italian specialties are a perfect complement to any range of gift items. Or, for example, a gift set of wellness items such as lotions, creams or scented candles. You can also tag the best gifts for kids, such as wooden toys, stuffed animals, puzzles and more.

Packaging materials

In a collection of gift items, a beautiful packaging material is essential. Turn a gift into a real gift with the appropriate knots, packaging and labels. These are widely available from various suppliers such as Dux Packaging, Mini-Art Products and many more!