Evenaar Groothandel BV is a company that specializes in home decorations, textile accessories, rugs and furniture from India.


Over the years they have developed a stubborn, exclusive and trendsetting style and are therefore an appealing name in the world of living. The individual style is not only characterized by the colors and designs, but also the personal and honest way of doing business. Not only with their customers, but also with the suppliers from India, whose quality as well as an ethically responsible way of working.

Product Range

Every season a new collection is launched that fits perfectly with the style that you are used to from Equator. The brand sells many home accessories, ranging from gals work and baskets to wall decoration and cushions. Lighting, textiles and small furniture also belong to their collections.


Evenaar is always busy following the latest living and lifestyle trends. They use these trends as a guideline but will always print their own (way) stamp on the collection, this translates into many colors, striking designs and products that are slightly different.

Color makes people happy and they are happy to help with their colorful collection.

Website: https://www.evenaar.org/

Evenaar - Van Remoortel
Evenaar Groothandel bij Van Remoortel