In 2010, the Netherlands and Belgium meet the Italian delicacies of DiGusti for the first time. Carefully selected and imported, so that we can enjoy all the good things in Italy.

The company is the result of an out of hand hobby of the importer. He wanted to share his passion for honest Italian cuisine with bon vivants from across the borders. By importing to the Netherlands, many will become addicted to his pastas, olives and other delicacies.

The taste of southern Italy

‘Gusto’ means ‘taste’ and that can be found in the southern Italian region of Calabria! In the fresh air and the sunny climate, fruits, vegetables and olives are given time to develop their rich taste. And that taste is reflected in all products from DiGusti’s line.

With respect for Italian cuisine

Their pastas and sauces are produced in a modern factory, but with respect for Italian gastronomy. Small-scale and traditional, so that the traditional ‘Calabrese’ recipe is not lost. You can also enjoy it outside the limits of ‘Bella Italia’.


DiGusti loves real taste and honest ingredients. The products are free of artificial additives and of biological origin. Everything traditionally prepared with love and of the highest quality. And you can taste that!

Product Range

The products are very diverse. For example, they have limoncello, beer, olive oil and vinegar, truffles, tapenades, pastas and gift boxes. They also respond to the time of the year and then offer special products.

Website: https://www.digusti.nl/

Digusti Logo Van Remoortel
Digusti bij Van Remoortel