Cozinezz sells home accessories around the set table such as crockery, candles and storage jars. The collection is produced in a limited edition in Europe.

Cozy products

The brand has a selection of products that are mainly made in Europe. The founders are supporters of local companies and want to sell products that have a story. One of their core values ​​is transparency. They want to sell products that contain a story and that have been produced under fair conditions. They also want to support local entrepreneurs by buying their products.

Product Range

The wholesaler sells a large range of home accessories. You will find products for a nicely set table such as plates, bowls, bags and glasses. In addition, they also sell decoration pieces to decorate your table and house. Also products for the kitchen are part of their assortment.


Cozinezz - Van Remoortel
Cozinezz - Van Remoortel