Chartage Belgian Design

Chartage Belgian Design has been active for 25 years as a registered brand in the highest segment of fantasy jewelery. They compose their own jewels each year, which are then presented per season, winter and summer, each time through three subcollections. They are one of the few remaining Belgian brands that do this. These contemporary and unique collections with a Belgian touch have therefore been appreciated for many years by our professional customers worldwide.

Fashion accessories

The brand also publishes an extensive collection of scarves and handbags twice a year. The latter are always produced in Europe. This enables them, as a Belgian wholesale SME, to contribute to safeguarding European employment and significantly reducing our ecological footprint.


Because Chartage only addresses the professional market, the photos of the jewelery collections on the public website are limited to a minimum per component. As a result, potential professional customers can already form an idea for which Chartage stands. Both in terms of collections, originality and quality.

On our webshop you will find the complete overview with prices of our jewelry collections Chartage Belgian Design. This is only accessible to our professional and registered customers.

Additional outlets

The wholesaler has opened a second sales point in collaboration with Van Remoortel. As a result, they constantly strive to improve the service to their professional audience. They are also present with an exhibition space in the Fashion and Fashion accessories section.