What began as a search for the perfect refined gold jewelry, became the arrival of the jewelry label ALYSS in 2013. Refined gold jewelry of good and durable quality.

The collection of ALYSS

The jewelry has a refined feminine style. From minimalist, modern to chic. ALYSS brings together jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches, which can be used every day. At work, at home or during a night out. And that is what ALYSS stands for. Jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis and propagate style through their minimal means, without having to be constantly involved with it.

Furthermore, minimal resources with a perfect result are the aim behind the brand. Casual, feminine and sophisticated. A lasting image in the fashion world. Furthermore, beauty is in simplicity and beautiful elegant forms. This is why ALYSS also tries to incorporate this as much as possible into the designs of the collections!

Life in the city

The collections are mainly inspired by life in the city. Clear timeless subjects in which sustainable and qualitative materials are used. Our jewelry is largely gold filled. Gold filled means a bottom layer of brass (or brass). With three thin layers of 18 carat gold on top. Then these layers are finished with a solid coating, so that the jewelry can last for years with the right care.

Hip jewelry

The brand responds to the latest trends. There are chains with animals that are completely in. Also brooches in the shape of a bee, that can not be missed. They also have lovely fine bracelets with letters so you can wear a self-made word around your wrist, the name of your baby, your partner or your mommy ?! ‘An eye for detail and especially an eye for you. Beauty can be seen after all ‘is their position. Elegant and chic!