We are seeing more and more experimentally-painted walls, with roughly painted panelling, intriguingly-divided-up surfaces, and geometric shapes. Amazona krijtverf proves once again that a wall or display can be dynamic with the two latest interior trends: ‘Urban Optimism Art Deco’ and ‘New African’!

Urban Optimism Art Deco – multi coloured palette on a single wall
The trend ‘Urban Optimism Art Deco’ came about by combining a variety of bright colours and shapes. The colour palette of Amazona’s chalk paint lends itself perfectly to this. The colours MarrakeshCitronRoseLilaDuiker-blauwJeansBlanc-de-Blanc, and Mandarine combined with your own creativity will create an Urban Optimism Art Deco interior. Let your imagination run free and make the wall of your display window, presentation, or shop a real eye-catcher!


New African – all about simplicity, tranquillity, and nature

While ‘Urban Optimism Art Deco’ is all about busy patterns and a variety of colours, the ‘New African’ trend reflects a need for simplicity, tranquillity, and nature. With beautiful, soft earthy and nude tones, Amazona creates an interior that feels like an oasis of tranquillity. The colours MoccaChocolat ChaudSkin, and Marrakesh in Amazona chalk paint form the perfect basis for wide-ranging colour combinations. Together they create a feel-good space; warm colours and soft tonal combinations with a rugged twist. With a combination of these colours, you simply can’t go wrong. Try it, and inspire your customers with these natural colours too!



Consider other applications too

These interior trends are perfect for walls, but Amazona’s chalk paint also lends itself perfectly to old furniture and other decorative materials. Give your products a fresh new look in no time and add your own signature to your collection – that’s really on trend right now in the interior design and decoration world!

Get inspired by Amazona’s interior trends and apply the colour palettes to your own collection and styling. All the chalk paint colours for these two trends as well as an extensive range of ecological varnishes, lime waxes and colour waxes are available from Van Remoortel.